Hey friend!  I’m so happy you’re here!


  • I read an article today written by a fellow ovarian cancer survivor. She shared how the emotional recovery of cancer was more difficult than the actual physical recovery. It hit so close to my heart. She summed up so much of how I feel so beautifully.

I have learned that just because you’ve been told you’re in remission (NED-no evidence of disease) doesn’t mean that cancer is ‘over’. It will never be over for me...as I hope and pray to get to the 5 year mark that I will medically be considered ‘cured’, I know that recurrence for the particular cancer I had often is after the 5 year mark.

Despite the physical changes to my body, it’s the emotional changes and wounds that take longer to heal. I never thought I would have experienced stifling depression and anxiety mixed with PTSD. I never could’ve imagined my life would take this turn, but here I am.

And here is God with me. He has been so faithful, so kind, so loving. He has walked with me during this time, holding my right hand and leading me, leveling out the ground as we go.

I may put a smile on my face and focus on joy, but please know that for cancer patients, there is terror in their hearts. Fear. Anxiety. Dread over upcoming appointments (which is why I still haven’t scheduled my 6 month follow up). Planning for appointments so that the timing would be ‘better’ if you get bad news. It’s our real life.

And yet God is bigger than all of that. Some days it’s much easier to lean on Him, trust Him. And others...it’s a real struggle.

I don’t write all of this to make you feel sorry for me. I hope this peek into the mind of a cancer survivor will give you empathy and compassion for others. I hope it’s a reminder that we all have struggles, and the best thing we can do is offer each other grace, kindness, and sometimes a hug.

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  • I am thankful for the people who have invested themselves in my spiritual life and look forward to investing more and more into others. 
Who has invested in your spiritual life?  Tag them to say thank you!
  • So thankful for these amazing boys that have made motherhood fun, crazy, challenging, full of laughter, tears, gray hair, giggles, prayers and wrinkles. I wouldn’t change a thing about the last 19 years of motherhood. It’s made me who I am and closer to the Lord in ways I never would’ve imagined.

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  • Had such a delightful day with my hubby tip toeing through the tulips in Holland!

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  • God will use you when you pay attention.

Today I stopped at the fruit market I used to go to weekly. Yet another change in my rhythms when we left our church. But that’s another story for another day.

Today I really felt led to look at each of the cashiers and choose what line to get in very intentionally. God prompted me to Lane 7 to a very tired looking cashier.

When I was my turn to check out, I asked how she was, just like I do in any other store. She sighed and said, ‘I’m making it. But you know how when it rains it pours?’ I offered some words of encouragement and asked how I could pray for her and at that, she launched into the story of the difficultly their family is walking through right now.

The ‘helper’ in me wanted to do something to ease her burden, but the reality is, I can’t. But I listened, and as I did, I saw her stand a little straighter.  Look a little lighter.

I left telling her I’d pray for her family and the member who especially is struggling.

Sometimes, offering to pray for someone doesn’t feel like enough. And sometimes it’s all you can do. And sometimes, that’s all God wants you to do.

I’m so glad I paid attention to His leading today. I hope that my concern and care for this woman helps her feel the love of Jesus.  And I hope that I will be more obedient and pay attention to the way God wants to use me more and more. Because as much as I would love to say this type of thing happens all the time to me, I can’t. It could, because God is certainly ready and able, but I often am not. I’m too selfish, too distracted, pushing through my day and my agenda and not paying attention to God’s.

I hope this reminds you to pause and look around for the ways God wants to use you right where He has you. It sure has lovingly reminded me today.

And if you could, pray for A and Steven. I know God loves them and wants to work in their lives.
  • Beautiful truth this morning in my favorite devotional, New Morning Mercies.
  • April 2019.  9 months of healing, 9 mo the closer to cured, 9 months of perspective shifting, 9 months of knowing God like never before.
What once began as a fun monthly task to pay attention to the same spot has become a ritual of looking back, looking around, and looking forward.
I have come so far, I am still here, and I know God has so many more places to lead me.
I can’t wait to discover them with Him, the lover of my soul.

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  • Happy Easter!!!
So happy to have my whole family together and get a family picture at our new church home!
We love #solidrockplymouth!